The Twins – Level Design

The Twins
Analysis of the game’s levels

The Twins’ gameplay is reminiscent of classic platformer games. Jumping, double jumping, gliding (floating) and attacking. One of the few twists consist of the « corrupted » areas. Since the whole universe of the game is an imaginary world, the children’s disease is affecting their surroundings. Overall, nothing too complicated. From the different playtest, most were able to reach the end without too much complication.

It was important for the players to be progressively introduced through every mechanics in the game, including the corruption, the enemies and gliding while offering a fair amount of freedom and a small window for mistakes.

Level 1 – Introduction


Level 2 -Gliding


Designing the boss

The boss has three phases.

Phase 1 – The cloning

Phase 2 – The bloody rain

Phase 3 – The teleportation

Here’s a quick playthrough video showing the game in action, specifically the levels mentioned above: