Level Design – Student projects

1. Narrative Level Design – Unreal Engine (2018)

Creation of a walking simulator in which the environment itself tells a story.  I created everything from scratch (assets, lighting, particle system, coding etc.)

2. Mission Design of Watch Dogs – SketchUp (2018)

Creation of a figurative layout for a fictive Watch Dogs game set in Tokyo, 2020.

3. 2D Platforming game – Grumpy, Game Maker (2017)

Grumpy is a platforming game of 8 levels made with Game Maker. I was in charge of the first and sixth level of the game.

    Level 01 – Playthrough (youtube)                     ||           Level 06 – Playthrough (youtube)


4. 3D Platforming game – The Twins, Unity (2016)

The Twins’ gameplay is reminiscent of classic platformer games. Jumping, double jumping, gliding (floating) and attacking. One of the few twists consist of the « corrupted » areas. Since the whole universe of the game is an imaginary world, the children’s disease is affecting their surroundings.

It was important for the players to be progressively introduced through every mechanics in the game, including the corruption, the enemies and gliding while offering a fair amount of freedom and a small window for mistakes.

If you’re interested in my artistic implication on the project, you can visit my Artistic Experiences page.

Boss Battle

The boss has three phases.

Phase 1 – The cloning

Phase 2 – The bloody rain

Phase 3 – The teleportation

Quick video playthrough of The Twins