Level Design – Professional works

Sundered (2016-2017)

An incredible game with an awesome team. Sundered is a procedural game, which means each of the game’s rooms must have different iterations, optional exits and so on.

My role was to make all of this work correctly with the various visual assets and offer interesting obstacle layouts of different difficulties in every room. If required, I also took the freedom to update the level design for better platforming sequences and a more polished experience. The key word when it cames to Sundered’s levels was « variety » and I made sure to respect that.

I also worked on creating my own set of levels, from their designs to their obstacle layouts along with the full dressing.

For a small preview of my artistic work on Sundered, you can visit my Artistic Experiences page.

For more information about the game, you can visit Thunder Lotus Games’ website.

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Level Design gallery

I was also tasked to add the dressing to most rooms from the games and ensuring everything was compatible between each other.