Game Design experiences

– Game Jam –

K A M I, Game Designer


► Award of the most original game at Ubisoft’s 6th edition of creative gamejam. ◄

Aimed at young children who suffer from anxiety and who have issues to control their rate of breathing, Kami tells the tales of a little guy, Kami, who was part of a story book with his friend Ori. One day, a sudden strong wind caused by an opened window tore one page apart from, the book on which Ori was sleeping and blew it away. In a sudden courageous moment, Kami also detached himself from the book and pursued his friend.

Kami was created during Ubisoft’s 6th creative game jam. I was part of a team of 6 people and I was one of the game designers (total of two) in charge of designing the game, playtesting it and balancing the various datas. We had 48 hours to create everything.

Basically, it is a platforming game and you had to physically touch an origami to give its shape to Kami. Each shape had its own ability and sometime they were combined with the player’s blow into the microphone. Our objective was to create a relaxing and cute experience, a game someone (preferably a child) would play to release their stress. It would also teach some breathing exercise through its level design.

Given the tech requirements (microphone and actual origamis connected to the game), Kami couldn’t be played outside the creative jam.