Artistic experiences

Level Art

Sundered (2016-2017)

All visual assets are properties of Thunder Lotus Games and were provided by the 2D artists.

These are a few examples of levels with pre-defined layouts I had to dress. These rooms weren’t affected by the procedural generation, so they had to stand out from the rest.

I was also in charge of adding the visuals to most generic rooms from the game, including making sure the visuals were compatible with the procedural generation of other rooms.

For more information about the game, you can visit Thunder Lotus Games’ website.

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3D Modeling (environments)

Drawings (Digital art)


TwinTitreThe Twins, Art director, Level & Game Designer

The biggest project of my life so far. As part of a semester project in University of Montreal’s D.E.S.S. in Game Design, we were split into three teams of four people and tasked to create a prototype of our choice in four months.

As a big fan of Banjo-Kazooie (one of my favorite childhood video game), I always wanted the genre to come back. Having big levels to explore, two characters in one unlocking competences and new movesets, my objective was to create something similar while offering a strong narrative. My idea was selected among the three ones that were going to be made and thus, The Twins was born.

The Twins tells the tale of two siblings, Ethan and Emily, who have been fighting an incurable disease since their birth. Their only moments of happiness have been lived through fairy tales read by their parents before bedtime. They know that they will meet their fate soon, it’s only a matter of time. In a last courageous attempt, Ethan and Emily escape in an imaginary world made entirely by themselves in which they will physically fight the disease.

I did all of The Twins’ visuals along with most of its levels design and the main game design. Having all these responsabilities all at once with so little time was an incredible challenge I wouldn’t hesitate to face again.

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« There are stories of an amazing structure which hold many secrets »

Part of my Unity3D/Programming class, each student was requested to create a game that contained three different puzzles.  As a fan of jungle environments and ancient civilizations, I went ahead and produced this small project.

In « The Cube »,  you are an explorer adventuring deep into the jungle in order to discover the secrets of a mysterious giant rotating construct. From a maze in the darkness to an ancient courtyard, you will go through three different levels with the intent of gaining access to The Cube’s entrance and what lies beyond.

All the visuals, the levels and the coding were made by me. It’s a very basic game that I made with tons of time constraints and limitations, but I’m proud of the results!

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