About me

Allow me a bit of narcissism just to tell you who I am.

A great man once said: « What we build is a virtual world (…) which players hopefully will spend much of their time in. The least we can do is to do our best to make their stay a worthwhile one. » (Rudolf Kremers)

This portray my philosophy aswell when it comes to video games. Through my CEGEP in 3D animation, my certificate in creative writing, my studies in scriptwriting and video games and at last a D.E.S.S. in Game Design, there is one element which was always present: creating an unique playground for people to enjoy and be able to tell a story through the environment. Everything has a purpose and everything should be meaningful, from the crack inside a wall to a pile of old books covered in dust in the corner of a room. A great atmosphere, a balanced level design, an unique artistic direction, there are tons of way to tell a story and give a great experience through the environments alone.

My role, as an apprentice level designer and environment artist, is to make sure the moment spent into a video game will be memorable. I want the players to remember both the scenery and the mechanics of the levels they explore. I want them to have fun. I want them to revisit these virtual worlds and share their good memories with others.

Therefore, feel free to contact me if you have any request or project which require someone as capable of designing a good level on paper as building it and decorating it. It will be a pleasure to be part of any project.




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